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This book began over 20 years ago with the simple discovery of a single unknown medal found among the collections in the Winnipeg Police Museum. Awarded to Constable Leonard James Davies, the decoration was found to have been the King’s Police and Fire Services Medal. Of the 52 medals awarded in Canada and five in Newfoundland between 1912 and 1951, five were awarded to Winnipeg Police officers. 

The author sent away to the National Archives of Canada for some information to answer a few simple questions about the medal, but was provided with a copy of the entire portfolio. This led to the project expanding to include the stories of all those who were, and some were not, awarded the medal.​​ 

About the author:

Born in St. Boniface, Manitoba in 1934, Jack has lived his life in Winnipeg. He was married and has three children and six grand-children. A man of service to his community, he has served in both the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve with the Canadian Cadet program as well as three police forces. History has always been a passion in Jack's life as an avid collector, historian, curator, and author. 

Jack joined the Canadian Pacific Railway Police in 1955 and served for two and a half years before joining the City of St. Boniface Police Force on June 3rd, 1958. He served with the traffic unit for fifteen years riding motorcycles in both summer and winter. Jack was promoted to the rank of Patrol Sergeant in 1966. In 1974, an amalgamation of the smaller cities surrounding Winnipeg (including St. Boniface) created the greater municipal area now all known as the City of Winnipeg. 

This unification included the police forces so Jack became a Staff Sergeant and was renumbered #125 in the new Winnipeg Police Force. He served in various uniformed divisions including a nine year stretch as platoon supervisor in the core area of Division 11. In addition to his regular duties, Jack was appointed to the two-man Police Historical Committee in 1975 because of his interest in police history. Throughout his career on the force, Jack was instrumental in building support to establish a formal museum. This became a reality in 1986 when the Winnipeg Police Museum and Historical Society Incorporated and registered in Manitoba. In 1994, after thirty five and a half years, Jack retired though he remained the Curator of the museum on a part-time basis. 

Jack's first book "From Force to Service" published in 1998 captured 125 years of policing in Winnipeg. This book looks beyond the borders of Manitoba to highlight gallant and distinguished service from coast to coast. ​

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